Idealife - Squat Aid - Alat Bab - Il-807

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Idealife - Squat Aid - Alat Bab - Il-807

Stok habis / No stock

Specifications :

7in height (ideal for WC 14-15" height)

Fits under toilet neatly

Easy to use


Pcs per Carton : 12 Pcs

Barcode No : 499.3332.000.250

Outer Carton Dimension : 62 x 43 x 28 Cm

Gift Box Dimension : 

Kg per Carton : 6600Gram

Gram per Pcs : 550Gram

No HS Code : 9401.809.099

 "Jongkok tidak memerlukan banyak waktu dan usaha..mempermudah kotoran keluar karena membuka jalur usus besar" kata ahli pencernaan Anish Sheth, MD ( 10/06/2013)

Buku Darm mit Charme (Usus yang Menawan) by Giulia Enders meraih kesimpluan bahwa kita bisa buang air besar dengan lebih efisien dalam posisi jongkok. ( 19/05/2015)

"However, these studies, though small, have suggested that squatting over the toilet may help you to poop faster and with less effort. In theory, this could help to reduce the risk of developing hemorrhoids, swollen veins near the anus that are common in individuals who may strain to pass a bowel movement. Hemorrhoids may also be caused by constipation, sitting for long periods of time, anal infections, and certain diseases, such as liver cirrhosis" ( dana dovey 03/08/2016)

IL-807 Digital Video Brochure
IL-807 Digital Video Brochure 2

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