Jakcom Se2 Professional Sport Bluetooth Earphone Wireless Lightweight Headset With Mic

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Jakcom Se2 Professional Sport Bluetooth Earphone Wireless Lightweight Headset With Mic

Ada stok / In stock

JAKCOM SE2 combines Multifunctional Bluetooth ERGONOMIC earphone, aerospace lightweight TECHNOLOGY, and specially designed for SPORTS (wireless, cordless, tangle-free)

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Main Features:

* Steady. Back-hanging earphone structure with 3 supporting points under all postures. Principle of triangular stability guarantee SE2 will not fall under any sports activity

* Lightweight. Made from aerospace-level special PEEK engineering resin with excellent mechanical property and low density. Weightless wear only 19g, lighter than spoon of protein powder

* No stethoscope effect. Thoroughly eliminates the load & friction of traditional earphone generated during motion (unpleasant noise caused of vibration generated by remote-controller due to external collision or air friction)

* Waterproof & dust rating IP55. Anti sweat or rain

* Sound Quality. Technical foundation based on AKG374BT and dynamic support of 0.5mm cicada diaphragm. SE2 has excellent resolution, broad sound field and surging bass, providing vivid & shocking musical performance

* Convenient operation. Buttons are smartly integrated into body structure for convenient music control or hands-free calling

* Hands-free calling. Equipped with QuietCommunication2 active Sound equalizer (which is the same as Jakcom BH2) and double-mic system, dynamically adjust background noise while providing clear calling voice under all environments

* Compatibility. Built-in CSR Bluetooth 4.1 chip compatible with smart devices within 10-meter Bluetooth range, such as mobile phones, tablet PC, laptop, desktop PC

* Voice assistant. Fully compatible with AI voice assistant of iOS & Android

* Battery life. 2x 100mAh battery cells provide 8 hours continuous playback, can acompany every full marathon in your life. 30 minutes fast charge to full. Support battery display status on iOS (iPhone and iPad)

* Portability. Elastic earphone cable made from MMT nano-plastic with durabitily & automatic memory contraction, free from winding

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